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NSTE 2018 – Thursday, 10/25

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Abstracts with Learning Outcomes for Thursday, October 25, 2018

8:15 AM – Plenary Session 4

  • Updates in Advance Care Planning Measurement and Evidenced-Based, Patient-Facing Tools
    Rebecca Sudore, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
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9:30 AM – Concurrent Sessions 3

  1. Community Engagement and Organizational and System Strategies Using Technology
    • Community Engagement: Supporting Patients Through the Continuum of Care
      Kellie Durgan, BSN, RN, Manager, Advance Care Planning, Providence Health Care
    • Redesigning Patient-Centered Care: A NYC Health System’s Commitment to Advance Care Planning
      Christine Wilkins, PhD, LCSW, Advance Care Planning Program Manager, NYU Langone Health; Kevin Hauck, MD, MPH, Hospitalist, Instructor (Dept. of Medicine), NYU Langone Health; Tom Sedgwick, LCSW, CCM, Senior Director of Social Work, NYU Langone Health
  2. Customization of ACP for the Pediatric Community
    • Improving Family Health Outcomes Through Pediatric Advance Care Planning (pACP) for Adolescents Living with HIV/AIDS
      Christopher Lin, BA, Special Category Research Volunteer, Center for Translational Science, Children’s Research Institute, Children’s National Health System; Maureen E. Lyon, PhD, ABPP, Professor of Pediatrics, Children’s National and George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences; Yao I. Cheng, MS, Data Analyst, Children’s Research Institute
    • Longitudinal Satisfaction and Preparedness among Adolescents Living with HIV: FAmily CEntered (FACE) Pediatric Advance Care Planning (pACP)
      Isabella Greenberg, MPH, Special Category Research Volunteer, Children’s National Medical Center; Maureen Lyon, PhD, ABPP, PI, Children’s National Medical Center; Yao Cheng, MS, Biostatistician, Children’s National Medical Center
  3. Customization of ACP for the Rural Community
    • Lighting a Fire for Life Care Planning in Rural Colorado
      Nancy L. Greenstreet, LCSW, Program Specialist, Kaiser Permanente Colorado; Brianna Kirkland, RN, Senior VP, Sangre de Cristo Hospice & Palliative Care
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    • Building an Advance Care Planning Team in a Rural Community
      Sara E. Hawreliak, RN, BScN, Patient Support Volunteer and ACP Facilitator, Pullman Regional Hospital; Sandy O’Keefe, BS, OCN, RN, Pullman Regional Hospital; Jessica Rivers, BSW, Care Coordinator and ACP Coordinator, Pullman Regional Hospital; Ann Williams, BScN, Patient Support Volunteer and ACP Facilitator, Pullman Regional Hospital
  4. Customization of ACP in the Mental Health Community
    • Advance Care Planning Discussions in a Drug Addiction Recovery Program
      Thomas Kuczmarski, Medical Student, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth; Nayan Agarwal, Medical Student, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
    • Destigmatizing Mental Health Advance Directives
      Nikketta (Nicky) M. Lewis, LMSW, Advance Care Planning Coordinator, Mercy Health Saint Mary’s
  5. Quality Improvement/Research – ACP/SDM and Measuring the Quadruple Aim
    • Development of a Survey to Assess Practices of Shared Decision Making in Serious Illness (SDMSI) Course Participants
      Christine Swift, RN, MSN, Manager, Community Medical Centers; Robin L. Whitney, PhD, RN, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Internal Medicine, University of California–San Francisco, Fresno
    • Using Technology to Bridge Delivery Gaps in Person-Centered Advance Care Planning
      Arul Thangavel, MD, Vice President of Clinical Strategy, WiserCare
  6. Optimization of ACP and SDM Reimbursement Opportunities
    • The Currency of Advance Care Planning: From Practice to Payment
      Lynda Tang, DO, Chair, Department of Palliative Medicine, The Vancouver Clinic; Katie Pence, PA-C, Internist, The Vancouver Clinic
    • Collaboration Enables Advance Care Planning (ACP) Conversations, Sustains ACP Billing, and Keeps Patient & Physician at Center of Process
      Betsy Payne, MSN, RN, Executive Director, Looking Ahead Advance Healthcare Planning

11:00 AM – Workshop Sessions 2

  1. Synergies of Collaboration Across Person-Centered Advance Care Planning and Shared Decision-Making Programs (two-part workshop)
    • Initiating Advance Care Planning (ACP) in Primary Care: A Model for Widespread Success
      Stephanie Leung, MBA, Project Specialist, Hospice of Cincinnati; Barbara Rose, MPH, RN, Senior Project Administrator, Community Programs, Hospice of Cincinnati
      PDF | Video
    • Exploring Collaboration Between the Respecting Choices Program and the PREPARE For Your Care Advance Care Planning Program
      Rebecca Sudore, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, Stephanie Anderson, DNP, RN, Deputy Executive Director, Respecting Choices
      PDF | Video
  2. The Honoring Choices® Pacific Northwest Convener Model: A Closer Look
    Jessica B. Martinson, MS, Director, Clinical Education and Professional Development, Washington State Medical Association; Kim Stagner, RN, CCM, Faculty, Honoring Choices®
    Pacific Northwest
  3. EMR Optimization for Decision Making and ACP
    Kat Thomas, BSN, RN, Quality Assurance, Epic
  4. How do you Measure the ‘Value’ of Next Steps Advance Care Planning Conversations?
    Carole Montgomery, MD, FHM, MHSA, Director, Physician Development and Program Improvement, Respecting Choices; Sandra Schellinger, MSN, APRN, NP-C, Senior Faculty and Consultant
  5. Understanding the Important Elements that Define Quality Patient Decision Aids
    Laura Pennington, Practice Transformation Manager, Washington State Health Care Authority; Linda Briggs, MSN, MA, RN, Director, Program Development and Research, Respecting Choices

1:15 PM – Plenary Session 5

  • Pediatric Advance Care Planning: A Panel Presentation on the Power of Research, Clinical mplementation, and the Caregiver Experience
    Maureen E. Lyon, PhD, Children’s National Health System, Washington, DC; Jon Sande, MD, Essentia Health Care, Duluth, MN; Kate Detwiler, Parent; Linda Briggs, MSN, MA, RN, Director, Program Development and Research, Respecting Choices (Moderator)
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2:30 PM – Concurrent Sessions 4

  1. Organizational and System Strategies of Integrating Workflows into Existing Initiatives
    • Collaboration Between a Hospital System and Area Retirement Communities to Enhance Person-Centered Advance Care Planning Conversations
      Deborah Heisey, MSN, RN, ACM, Community Care Manager, Lancaster General Health/Penn Medicine; Kristen Klopp, MSN, RN, CCM, Community Care Manager, Lancaster General
      Health/Penn Medicine
      PDF | Video
    • Expanding our ACP Program to Employees and Employers Through a Partnership with General Electric (GE)
      Jennifer A. McCalley, MSW, ACHP-SW, Program Coordinator Honoring Care Decisions, Dartmouth Hitchcock; Teryl L. Desrochers, RN, BSN, Program Coordinator Honoring Care
      Decisions, Dartmouth Hitchcock
      PDF | Video
  2. Workforce Development and Interprofessional Practice
    • Using the Principles of Emotional Intelligence to Increase the Confidence of Lay/Volunteer Facilitators in Community Settings
      Patrice Tadel, MSN, RN, Senior Faculty Consultant, Respecting Choices
    • Advance Care Planning for Health Care Professional Students: Essential Content for Novice Health Care Providers
      Nancy A. Hall, DNP, RN, Associate Professor, Nursing, Bemidji State University
  3. Quality Improvement and Research
    • The A-Ha’s from Concordance Reviews, a Lifetime of Learning
      Bridget A. Darden, MAOM, BSN, RN, C-RC Org Faculty, Life Care Planning Next Steps and Advanced Steps Faculty, Kaiser Permanente Colorado
    • The Results and Impact of a Death Chart Audit in an Academic Health Care System
      Sanders Burstein, MD, FAAFP, Medical Director, Honoring Care Decisions Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Consulting Independent Contractor, Respecting Choices
  4. Organizational and System Strategies of Integrating Workflows into Existing Initiatives
    • Making It Work: PlayBooks for Healthcare and Community Organizations
      Bonnie Bizzell, MBA, MEd, ACP Program Manager and Lead Faculty, Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest; Kellie Durgan, BSN, RN, Manager, Advance Care Planning, Providence Health Care
    • ACP is for ALL Adults: Our Employee Initiative
      Chris L. Brinneman, MSW, LCSW, Manager ACP, Parkview Health; Amy L. Spallinger, MSW, LCSW, First Steps ACP Org Faculty
  5. Community Engagement
    • It Takes a Village—and More! The Formation of a Holistic Community Collaboration Around Advance Care Planning
      Ellen H. Koski, MPH, CPH, Executive Director, Fox Valley Advance Care Planning Partnership; Teri G. Metropulos, MA, LPC-IT, Behavioral Health Counselor, Mosaic Family Health; Theresa M. Pichelmeyer, RN, MPA, Ed.D, President/CEO, Valley VNA Health System
    • Community Health Collaborative: Community and Leadership Engagement with ACP Focus in NY’s Capital Region
      Gwendolyn E. Bondi, MS Bioethics, Manager, Palliative Care, Visiting Nurse Service of Northeastern New York

3:45 PM – Plenary Session 6

  • The Naked Truth. The Price We Pay for Things Unsaid. An Advocate Speaks from Experience
    Julie Wallace, Owner, Dog and Pony Communications, and Patient Advocate, Making Choices Michigan

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