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Making Choices Materials and Decision Aids Materials Subscription Agreement

Subscription Agreements

Making Choices Materials and Respecting Choices Decision Aids

Making Choices Materials provide comprehensive selection of engagement and education materials, such as ACP Planning Guides, Role of the Healthcare Agent Cards, and Fact Sheets (CPR, Help with Breathing, Artificial Nutrition) for individuals, healthcare agents, and others.  Making Choices Materials may be purchased ‘hard copy’ (pre-printed) in our on-line store (Spanish versions) or they may be licensed through a Subscription Agreement as described below.

Respecting Choices Decision Aids are designed to promote deliberation and discussion between patients, healthcare providers, and others about options.  They are intended to be used during an in-person encounter, are specifically for individuals with serious illness, and are certified through the Washington State Healthcare Authority.  RC Decisions Aids are available for CPR, Help with Breathing, and Long-Term Tube Feeding.Respecting Choices Decision Aids may be purchased ‘hard copy’ (pre-printed) in our on-line store or they may be licensed through a Subscription Agreement as described below.

What Are the Benefits of a Subscription Agreement?

  • Receive electronic version of materials – you print or distribute electronically
  • Add your organization’s name and logo
  • Most Making Choices Materials can be customized to be more relevant to your particular audience or community
  • The more pieces you include in the Subscription Agreement, the lower the price per piece (a la carte selection)

How does a Subscription Agreement Work?

  1. You complete a Materials Subscription Agreement (link and instructions below)
  2. We receive your completed Materials Subscription Agreement and invoice you
  3. We send you an email with a link to Microsoft Word versions of each of the materials you selected, with a description of the process for customizing and co-branding
  4. You pay Respecting Choices
  5. We send you the final PDF version of your co-branded, customized documents
  6. We invoice you yearly on the anniversary date of the agreement (auto-renew)

Instructions to complete the Materials Subscription Agreement:

  1. Download the MC Materials and DA Materials Subscription Agreement by clicking here.
  2. List all counties served on page 3 of the agreement.
  3. List total population age 60 and older in all the counties served on page 3 of the agreement.
    (To determine population age 60 and older in the counties your organization serves, use US Census Report S0101 5-year estimate.)
  4. Choose whether you would like “Customizable” or “Cobranded” materials, or both, and select the appropriate box based on population 60 years of age or older.
  5. Pricing should automatically update for page 3.
  6. If you will be purchasing any “Individual Materials” at this time as well, select the “Number per 100,000 population” at the top of page 4, and check the desired pieces.
  7. The “Total Fee is:” on page 4 will sum both pages, and will be calculated and auto-populated.
  8. Fill out necessary “Contact information for invoicing” on page 4.
  9. Sign the document on page 2, and return fully executed agreement to with a Subject Line stating “New Materials Subscription Agreement”and include the name and email of who we should work with if different than person sending the agreement.

For any questions regarding the agreement, or this process, feel free to contact Respecting Choices at 608-473-1025.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and again, Thank You!

The Respecting Choices Team