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A core principle of Respecting Choices® (RC) is the importance of testing and revising its program materials, strategies, and tools through research and quality improvement activities.

This commitment to evaluation and improvement has elevated RC as one the few evidence-based, person-centered care programs worldwide.

The ultimate promise of an advance care planning system is knowing and honoring the values and goals identified by the individual to guide healthcare decision making. This person-centered goal requires measurement validated by research.

The RC model, in its entirety or specific components, has been tested and the findings reported either in peer-reviewed articles or in white papers.

While much more research is needed, especially randomized, effectiveness comparison trials, RC has one of the strongest sets of evidence for any intervention attempting to create person-centered care.

Many quality measures help evaluate program success such as engaging many people in conversations about their values and goals, satisfaction with the service, documentation of care plans, and expressed wishes aligning with provided treatment.

RC research and quality improvement activities are both important to demonstrate success and effectiveness of person-centered decision-making systems and processes.

Current Research Involving Respecting Choices®

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Quality Improvement Reports and White Papers

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News and Media Reports

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