Respecting Choices

Intellectual Property

Development and Use of Respecting Choices® Intellectual Property

Respecting Choices® (RC) protects the intellectual property it has created for 2 important reasons:

Person-Centered Care

The primary reason is to assure individuals, their families, and their loved ones that they are receiving person-centered care through a shared decision-making process. RC realizes its materials can always be improved upon and not all the materials have been tested as rigorously as desired. RC is open to feedback and suggestions. When improvements are made, these changes are driven by good evidence and clinical judgment rather than personal insight.


The second reason is sustainability. To carry out the work of providing and improving RC materials, the program needs enough revenue to sustain the work. At this point, revenue allows RC to provide up-to-date services and materials and to carry on the development work of sustaining and improving the materials and curriculum.


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