National Courses and Events

Want to make your advance care planning (ACP) conversations better and help people make decisions by understanding what matters most to them? Want to have conversations that are more productive and satisfying for all involved? Sign up for Respecting Choices’ national ACP courses. These courses have helped participants become better communicators for over 20 years.


Who should attend?

They’re appropriate for those working any care setting, from clinical to community. Nurses, physicians, social workers, advanced practitioners, clergy, and leaders of advance care planning programs.

“I believe in the value and power of the Respecting Choices training and liken the RC training to ‘masters level communication skills’, rather than the basics that can be gleaned from a 2.5 hour course.”

Kellie Durgan, Chief Mission Integration Officer, Providence in Spokane, WA

“The instructors were very experienced which made the course very fruitful. The role play and discussion were very precious learning opportunities. I highly recommend this course to my colleagues.”

Gigi, Advanced Practice Nurse, Hong Kong

“One of our employees heard about the Respecting Choices Program. She brought it back to our leaders and they embraced it. It’s been a quality experience all the way around. On a 1-10 scale, I would rate it a ten.”

Rev. Audry Pryor-Mouizi

Which courses to take?

Because ACP is not a one-size-fits-all conversation, Respecting Choices courses are tailored to help you meet the needs of the individuals you work with based on their stage of health.

If you mostly serve people who: The courses for you are:
Are healthy or have early chronic illness… First Steps ACP
Have serious illness with potential for complications… Next Steps ACP
Are in the last few years of life… Advanced Steps ACP


Interested in building an ACP program in your organization or community? Send team members to all of the courses. Participants are welcome to register for any of the courses independently, based on their objectives and if precourse requirements are met.


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Summer/Fall 2023 Virtual ACP Core Component Courses:
8/2, 10/4 and 11/9


Summer/Fall 2023 VIRTUAL ACP Facilitator Certification Courses:
First Steps ACP: 8/8, 10/11 and 11/9
Next Steps ACP: 8/17 and 10/17
Advanced Steps ACP: 8/22 and 10/24

Summer/Fall 2023 Virtual ACP Design and Integration Courses:
9/7 and 11/1

Summer/Fall 2023 VIRTUAL ACP Instructor Certification Courses:
First Steps ACP: 9/12 and 11/8
Next Steps ACP: 9/21 and 11/14
Advanced Steps ACP: 9/26 and 11/16