Respecting Choices

For Conveners

What does it mean to be a Respecting Choices® convener?

A convener takes responsibility for creating a collaborative approach among different organizations and the community to implement Respecting Choices (RC) programs and services. This model requires that all participating organizations agree to key decisions:

  • To identify a specific organization, most often a hospital association or medical society/association/academy as the leader of the initiative,
  • To involve, at a minimum, most healthcare providers in the region,
  • To collaborate rather than compete in redesigning person-centered decision-making systems, and
  • To adopt a standardized advance directive/power of attorney for healthcare document and consistent education materials.

When all participants have committed, the convener contracts with RC for services. Typically, the convener receives funds from the participants, health plans, foundations, and/or individuals who will benefit from the services.

How does Respecting Choices® help conveners?

RC has developed effective strategies including consultation, education programs, and curriculum to help conveners and their participating organizations develop effective, sustainable programs for ACP that support person-centered decision making.

How does the implementation process work for conveners?

The implementation of any RC program begins by increasing understanding about the value of the program to the health system and community, engaging leaders, and building relationships. This is especially important for conveners as they assess interest, engage, and educate potential participants. Understanding the RC model can occur through the following:

Following an assessment by RC of the convener’s implementation plan, structure, needs, goals, resources, and participating organizations, an agreement is negotiated that outlines the stage(s) of planning, process, and timeline for implementation. Once an agreement is signed, RC Faculty (RCF) will be assigned.

Participating organizations will work with the convener who works directly with RCF for initial implementation, dissemination, and long-term sustainability. The convener/RC partnership begins with the redesign and testing of key systems that will provide the infrastructure for hardwiring excellence into the routines of care.

What does the convener structure look like?

The convener develops an oversight committee, with representatives from the participants and other key stakeholders. The oversight committee helps develop the strategies, materials, standards, and processes.

Depending on the size of the region, the oversight committee may need to make decisions about an implementation strategy. Particularly in statewide efforts, implementations typically occur in highly motivated regions that are well positioned to be the initial test of change.

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