Respecting Choices

Implementation Services

Respecting Choices® offers implementation packages for all 3 stages of advance care planningFirst Steps®, Next Steps™, and Advanced Steps and Shared Decision Making in Serious Illness (SDMSI).

Each service can be implemented individually or concurrently in multiple stages as part of a longer-term implementation package. Addressing each stage of planning is crucial to having an effective system in place that will ensure individuals’ wishes are followed.

However, this does not mean that all stages must be implemented at the same time.

Stages of Person-Centered Decision Making

Many organizations elect to begin with First Steps implementation for several reasons:

  1. First Steps helps to develop a sophisticated advance care planning (ACP) infrastructure that helps build a solid foundation for the other stages of planning,
  2. First Steps has a robust community engagement component, and
  3. First Steps helps create the normalization of planning that makes Next Steps and Advanced Steps easier to implement.

Other organizations choose to start with Next Steps or Advanced Steps implementation as those target populations present the most immediate need.

Whatever the starting point, Respecting Choices strongly recommends having a plan to address all stages of planning.

Deciding to engage Respecting Choices for assistance with implementation is a major leadership and strategic decision requiring careful consideration. It requires an in-depth understanding of the implementation process along with thorough evaluation of the workload and resources needed to achieve it. To support decision making, Respecting Choices offers Leadership Engagement consultation.

Visit For Health Systems or For Conveners for more info on implementation services.

Shared Decision Making in Serious Illness (SDMSI)

SDMSI is the newest implementation service offered by Respecting Choices. It includes a physician-focused communication skills curriculum and consultation from Respecting Choices to develop the systems for dissemination. The physician curriculum is designed to improve competency of physicians and other providers in the skills of shared decision-making conversations to assist individuals with serious illness make all treatment decisions that align with their goals and values.

This implementation service includes consultation for developing supportive workflows and documentation processes to improve the outcome of these person-centered conversations. In addition, Respecting Choices consultation includes the mentoring and certification of qualified individuals as Instructors who are licensed to replicate the curriculum and disseminate this skill set to other physicians and providers in the organization.

ACP/SDMSI Faculty Certification Program

Respecting Choices will provide a customized certification program for teams with an existing ACP/SDMSI Faculty who need to replace or expand a Faculty position.

This program is available to experienced teams who have completed one or more Respecting Choices implementation programs. A qualified individual from the organization is selected to be mentored in the appropriate consultation and educational competencies.

The existing ACP/SDMSI Faculty must be available to support and mentor the new Faculty candidate in the acquisition of the new skills. If this program is to replace the ACP/SDMSI Faculty, Respecting Choices will provide additional mentoring.