Respecting Choices

Consultation Services

Implementation Consultation

Consultation is a crucial component of all implementation services and is provided by the Respecting Choices® (RC) team using a team approach.

Once an implementation agreement is signed, at a minimum, a Senior Faculty Consultant and a Team Coordinator are assigned.

Additional RC team members and others may provide consultation as needed.

RC consultation may look different from other consultation services customers have experienced in the past. The RC team may suggest speeding up or slowing down implementation related to the ability to design and implement the key elements.

To promote success, consultation is customized to each implementation. Consultation includes advice and guidance through phone calls, videoconference, email, and onsite visits. RC is vested in your success.

Leadership Engagement Consultation

This day-long, onsite consultation service is designed and facilitated by experienced RC Faculty (RCF) who engages with leaders and key stakeholders to discuss advance care planning (ACP), introduce the RC program, develop momentum and support, create shared understanding, and discuss strategies to make a fully informed decision regarding how systems of care can be improved using the RC model.

Organizational Assessment Consultation

The RC team cannot fully understand an organization’s current state without performing a more in-depth assessment. To fill this need, RC offers an onsite ACP program assessment.

This service is designed by an experienced RCF who meets with representatives and leaders from the organization to evaluate the ACP program and make recommendations to strengthen and build a sustainable systems approach to person-centered decision making for individuals and their families.

An agenda is created that includes meetings, presentations, and observations that allow RCF to complete a robust assessment.

The second day concludes with a formal meeting with the ACP steering committee to review findings and recommendations.

ACP/SDMSI Faculty Certification Program

RC will provide a customized certification program for teams with an existing ACP/SDMSI Faculty who need to replace or expand the Faculty position. This proposal is available to experienced teams who have completed one or more RC Implementation programs.

A qualified individual from your organization is selected to be mentored in the appropriate consultation and educational competencies. Your existing ACP/SDMSI Faculty must be available to support and mentor the new Faculty candidate in the acquisition of the new consultation and training skills.

The ACP/SDMSI Faculty Certification agreement, signed by a representative from your organization and the Faculty candidate, gives permission to replicate the RC ACP educational and consultative services within your organization or community.