Respecting Choices

Advisory Groups

Consistent with its mission to create and update services, curriculum, and other materials, Respecting Choices® strives to integrate experiential evidence, research, and best practices that foster and support person-centered care.

Respecting Choices partners with organizations, such as Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, Wisconsin, to test and improve materials and programs in “clinical laboratories.”

The Respecting Choices evidence base has grown through research projects using all or parts of the Respecting Choices model being conducted in many settings in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Germany, and many other European countries. For more information, visit our Research and Reports page.

In the last several years, Respecting Choices has selected national advisory groups to assist in the development or refinement of new or existing curricula, materials, and services. Examples include an advisory group for the 2015 Last Steps® ACP Facilitator and Instructor Certification courses (curricula and materials) and another group providing input on creating new modalities for delivering the Next Steps™ ACP intervention.

The utilization of advisory groups benefited the development of the physician curriculum, “Shared Decision Making in Serious Illness (SDMSI).” Learning from experts in the field, this approach has led to high-quality products.

Advisory Groups:

Shared Decision Making in Serious Illness (SDMSI)

Building Physician Skills in Basic ACP

First Steps® Program Revisions

Advanced Steps ACP (formerly Last Steps®) Program Revisions

The goal of Respecting Choices is to continue expanding the creation and utilization of national and international advisory groups. More information regarding additional advisory group members will become available as permissions are obtained. Submit a General Contact Form to be notified when new information is added.