Respecting Choices

ACP/SDMSI Faculty Certification

The Role of the ACP/SDMSI Faculty

As Respecting Choices® (RC) sought ways to transfer the knowledge and skills in creating successful advance care planning (ACP) program dissemination and sustainability, it identified the need to mentor individuals to assume an expert leadership role after initial implementation services have been provided by RC.

These individuals, referred to as ACP/SDMSI Faculty, are mentored and certified by RC to lead First Steps® ACP (FS), Next Steps ACP (NS), Advanced Steps ACP (AS) and/or Shared Decision Making in Serious Illness (SDMSI) implementation and dissemination within a healthcare system or a geographic community.

ACP/SDMSI Faculty provide leadership for program development and system-wide implementation of ACP across health systems to meet strategic objectives, which include:

  1. Establishing the clinical and business case for ACP programs;
  2. Performance monitoring;
  3. Measurement and reporting of implementation progress; and
  4. Critically evaluating growth opportunities.
ACP/SDMSI Faculty Responsibilities
  • Coordinating activities of Person-Centered Decision Making (PCDM) Programs
  • Identifying appropriate resources for dissemination
  • Certifying, mentoring, and maintaining competency of Facilitators and/or Instructors
ACP/SDMSI Faculty Benefits
  • Acceleration in the dissemination of the program
  • Certification to teach the RC Facilitator, Instructor, and Design and Implementation courses, appropriate to the stage of planning
  • Added assurance for a program’s sustainability
  • Ability to replicate the RC services
  • Acquisition of a higher level of competence and skills in leadership, consultation, systems redesign, education and training, community engagement, and quality improvement
ACP/SDMSI Faculty Certification

ACP/SDMSI Faculty certification is accomplished through mentorship by RC Faculty (RCF) during an implementation agreement or through the ACP/SDMSI Faculty certification program.