Respecting Choices

Instructor Certification

The Role of the Advance Care Planning Instructor

The Respecting Choices® Instructor is a professional who is skilled at facilitating advance care planning (ACP) conversations with individuals, their healthcare agents, and other family members. The Respecting Choices Instructor functions as a practitioner, educator, and consultant to staff and the community on issues related to ACP.

The Respecting Choices Instructor becomes certified to teach the Respecting Choices ACP Facilitator Certification course. Replicating the Respecting Choices approach to ACP is an important Instructor role. It requires ongoing education, competency assessment, and fidelity monitoring of Respecting Choices Facilitators.

The value of the Instructor role is demonstrated through:

  • Meeting organization needs for additional Respecting Choices Facilitators in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Providing innovative teaching and learning strategies and workflows for staff
  • Establishing a link to Respecting Choices Faculty and resources

Respecting Choices ACP Instructor Certification

The Respecting Choices Instructor Certification course may be provided: