Respecting Choices

First Steps Organization Faculty Recertification 2018 ($85 TEST)


Highlights of the Revisions

First Steps® Facilitator Certification Curriculum

  • New slides providing an overview of the Respecting Choices program
  • Revised First Steps ACP Conversation Guides
  • New and revised videos
  • Revised role-play exercises with standardized role-player responses
  • New CPR video, and CPR role-play exercise
  • New emphasis on transferring an individual’s goals, values, and preferences to a written plan
  • New Facilitator Handbook to First Steps ACP Conversations

First Steps® Instructor Certification Curriculum

  • New Faculty Guides and Webinars
  • New Instructor Certification Checklist
  • New options for teaching the Teaching and Presentation Strategies section
  • Revised Instructor Certification Exam
  • Revised purpose for Instructor-Led Discussions and Small Group Role-Play Activities
  • Emphasis on the role of the Instructor in giving feedback and mentoring
  • New resources for mentoring strategies