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RC Prime

Respecting Choices Prime Enrollment

Enjoy exclusive support and pricing as an RC Prime member.

What Are the Benefits of RC Prime?

Continued growth and network development –

  • Quarterly conference calls with other Respecting Choices certified Instructors and Faculty to share challenges, best practices, and other insights in a supportive peer-learning environment
  • Individualized consulting time with Respecting Choices Faculty for program support, problem solving, and/or mentoring

Maximize discounts on volume pricing –

  • Up to 55% off Respecting Choices’ Online ACP Facilitator Curriculum
  • Up to 50% off recertification for Respecting Choices Instructors at your organization
  • Up to 35% off Instructor Certification classroom materials (must have ACP Faculty)
  • Up to 35% off Building Physician Skills in Basic ACP online course
  • Up to 30% off consultation with Respecting Choices Faculty
  • Up to 22% off Respecting Choices’ Nationally Certified Decision Aids
  • Up to 20% off Facilitator Certification classroom materials
  • Up to 10% off registrations for Respecting Choices National Certification Courses

Click here to download a document listing the benefits

How to enroll in RC Prime?

  1. You complete a RC Prime Enrollment Form (link and instructions below)
  2. We receive your RC Prime Enrollment Form and invoice you
  3. You provide a list of contacts at your organization that order materials and/or online seats from our Online Store
  4. Those contacts are added to the special RC Prime pricing tier to automatically received discounted pricing
  5. You designate which contacts should be included on the RC Prime quarterly conference calls
  6. Those contacts are sent a meeting invite to the scheduled RC Prime quarterly conference calls

Instructions to complete the RC Prime Enrollment Form:

  1. Download the RC Prime Enrollment Form by clicking here.
  2. Choose the appropriate stages to enroll in for your organization (FS, NS, AS, SDMSI)
  3. Choose whether you’d like to include any Consultation with RC Faculty with your RC Prime enrollment (Price is automatically calculated)
  4. Fill in the appropriate contact information
  5. Provide a purchase order # (if applicable)
  6. Indicate “Payment Method”
  7. If paying by credit card, fill in applicable information
  8. Sign and attest the Contact Name and Date
  9. If sending in completed form with a check, the mailing address is provided, but please send an email to with the subject line “RC Prime Enrollment Form and Check Mailed” with a note that it is forthcoming
  10. If paying by credit card, or requesting an invoice, please email completed form to with the subject line “RC Prime Enrollment”. Please indicate in your email if an invoice is requested.

For any questions regarding the RC Prime Enrollment form, or this process, feel free to contact Respecting Choices at 608-473-1025.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and again, Thank You!

The Respecting Choices Team