Respecting Choices

NSTE 2018 – Friday, 10/26

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Abstracts with Learning Outcomes for Friday, October 26,2018

8:15 AM – Plenary Session 7

  • Making the Case for Certified Patient Decision Aids: Lessons from Washington State
    Laura Pennington, Practice Transformation Manager, Washington State Health Care Authority
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9:30 AM – Concurrent Sessions 5

  1. Community Engagement
    • Community Education Partnering: Enhancing Local Education Efforts in Person-Centered Advance Care Planning
      Barbara M. Carranti, MS, RN, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, Le Moyne College
    • Improving Person-Centered Care Through Community Engagement and Collaboration
      Catherine R. Bardier, MS, Director, Wellness and Community Health, New London Hospital/Dartmouth Hitchcock Affiliate
  2. Quality Improvement/Research – ACP/SDM and Measuring the Quadruple Aim
    • Creating a Culture of Concordance—Inpatient Care at Providence Health Care in Eastern Washington
      Kellie Durgan, BSN, RN, Manager, Advance Care Planning, Providence Health Care
      PDF | Video
    • Respecting Choices: What Does the Published Research Show?
      Bernard Hammes, PhD, Executive Director, Respecting Choices
      PDF | Video
  3. Workforce Development and Interprofessional Practice
    • Mentoring New Facilitators and Instructors: Growing Your Own
      Patrice Tadel, MSN, RN, Senior Faculty Consultant, Respecting Choices
    • Engaging People to Participate in Advance Care Planning with Motivational Interviewing
      Allan Zuckoff, PhD, VP, Clinical Program Development, Vital Decisions
  4. Serious Illness Conversations
    • Shared Decision Making: What Is It and Why Is It Different in Serious Illness?
      Carole Montgomery, MD, FHM, MHSA, Director, Physician Development and Program Improvement, Respecting Choices
    • Implementation of Next Steps—One Step at a Time Leads to the Next Step
      Bridget A. Darden, MAOM, BSN, RN, Life Care Planning, Next Steps and Advanced Steps Faculty, Kaiser Permanente Colorado; Nancy L. Greenstreet, MSW, LCSW, Supportive Care Program Specialist, Kaiser Permanente Colorado
  5. Workforce Development and Interprofessional Practice
    • Advancing ACP Education in Medical Practices Through Collaboration with Physicians
      Gwendolyn E. Bondi, MS Bioethics, Manager, Palliative Care, Visiting Nurse Service of Northeastern New York
    • The Creation and Use of an ACP Online Curriculum for Physicians and Advanced Practitioners
      Linda Briggs, MSN, MA, RN, Associate Director, Respecting Choice; Joyce Smerick, BS, Senior Faculty Consultant, Respecting Choices

10:45 AM – Closing Plenary Session

  • Person-Centered Shared Decision Making, Creating Pathways to Success
    Jean R. Slutsky, PA, MSPH, Chief Engagement and Dissemination Officer, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI®)

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