Respecting Choices

New LMS – Instructor FAQ

Respecting Choices new Learning Management System (LMS) – Instructor FAQ

The new LMS, Absorb, is now LIVE!

IMPORTANT: Please do not distribute the old instruction letter with access code to Facilitator candidates. They will NOT be able to begin the online modules in the old LMS.

The new system uses an enrollment link tied to your access code. If you are holding a course in the near future, please contact with a request for your enrollment link.

This transition is quite an undertaking, and with it will come many changes and enhancements. We will do our best to make this as smooth of a transition as possible, and ask for your patience and understanding during this time of transition. In the end, the new LMS is more efficient and user friendly for both instructors and learners.

Here are some other important elements of the transition:

  • Existing accounts will be migrated over to the new LMS
  • Unused seats will be migrated over to the new LMS
  • You will be provided an enrollment link in lieu of instruction letter with access code to distribute
  • All unused seats will be upgraded (if necessary) to include all 6 online ACP modules
  • Module completion history will be migrated to the new LMS
Frequently Asked Questions

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