Respecting Choices

Respecting Choices® is a person-centered approach to advance care planning. Our organization helps health systems, community-based organizations, palliative care and hospice organizations, and conveners implement person-centered care. Person-centered care is a process that helps individuals to identify their healthcare values, beliefs, and preferences, and to communicate and document those values, beliefs, and preferences with their healthcare team.

The goal of working with Respecting Choices® is to learn how to help individuals make their own decisions about their health and treatment and to ensure those decisions are respected and followed. The process encourages individuals to engage in thoughtful, meaningful conversations with healthcare providers and family members about their values and preferences for medical care. Learn more about the process of working with us below, and contact us today!

Development of Support Systems

Education of Staff

Respecting Choices® offers a plethora of curricula and certifications in order to teach your staff how to implement a person-centered care system. The curriculum focuses on communication skills and education for your staff, as well as helps with integrating these new strategies into your current workflow so that person-centered care becomes the norm. We offer numerous certification courses for this goal, such as advance care planning (ACP) certifications. Learn more today.

Implementation Services

Implementing a person-centered care system is perhaps the hardest part of this initiative. Respecting Choices will come alongside your organization to help. We offer three implementation packages that can be used separately or combined for a more comprehensive approach. Get started today.

Consulting Services

Respecting Choices® will help you build new workflows and develop new competencies for your team of health professionals. We are your support system to help you and to help you engage your community. We will assign you a Senior Faculty Consultant and a Team Coordinator, and maybe others who will help your team implement person-centered care at your facility. Consulting services are customized to your unique needs, and we schedule around your timeframe, utilizing phone calls, emails, videoconferencing, and onsite visits. Contact us today.

What Are the Stages of Person-Centered Decision Making?

  • Prepare: This step helps individuals to identify and discuss their values, beliefs, and preferences with their healthcare team. It may involve talking to family and friends, reading, and doing research to inform decision-making. 
  • Discuss: This step involves having a conversation with a healthcare provider about the individual’s values, beliefs, and preferences. The discussion should include topics such as the goals of care, treatment options, and the possible outcomes of different treatments.
  • Document: This step involves documenting the individual’s values, beliefs, and preferences in a legally binding document such as an advance directive, a medical power of attorney, or a health care proxy.
  • Communicate: This step involves communicating the individual’s values, beliefs, and preferences to family, healthcare providers, and others. This may include providing copies of the advance directive or other documents to relevant parties. Respecting Choices® helps your staff by teaching them how to facilitate these conversations. Start today.

Engagement of Individuals and the Community

We believe in the engagement of individuals and the community so that individuals can make the right healthcare decisions for themselves. The Respecting Choices® program implements person-centered care through ACP systems.

The Respecting Choices® process is designed to help individuals make informed decisions about their health and treatment and to ensure those decisions are respected and followed. It’s an important tool for individuals who want to ensure that their wishes are respected in the event of a medical emergency or illness. Contact us to get started today!