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Person-centered care is an approach to healthcare that focuses on the individual needs of a patient, instead of treating them as a single diagnosis or a set of symptoms. This approach to healthcare recognizes that each person is unique and that their needs should be met in a way that is tailored to them. This approach is becoming increasingly popular among healthcare providers and patients as it is seen as a more holistic approach to healthcare.

Respecting Choices® is an organization dedicated to helping others implement person-centered care in their healthcare organizations. We offer advance care planning education courses, as well as implementation and consultation services, in order to ensure you are set up for success. Learn more about why person-centered care is important, and contact us today!

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Going Beyond Physical Obstacles

One of the most significant benefits of person-centered care is its ability to go beyond physical obstacles. As opposed to traditional healthcare approaches that focus solely on physical symptoms, person-centered care involves an understanding of a patient’s psychological and emotional wellbeing. This means that it can be used to address problems that are not only physical in nature, but also psychological or emotional. For example, a person-centered approach might involve engaging a patient in meaningful conversations about their values, beliefs, and goals. This type of conversation can help to uncover underlying issues that may be contributing to physical symptoms. It can also help to create a more meaningful connection between the patient and their healthcare provider.

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Honors Patient Preferences

The primary goal of person-centered care is to provide individualized care that focuses on the patient’s needs and preferences. Healthcare providers strive to create a supportive environment in which the patient can feel comfortable discussing their individual needs and concerns. The healthcare provider works with the patient to develop a personalized plan of care that meets their individual needs. This plan of care may include a variety of services, such as medication, therapy, lifestyle modifications, and other treatments. The services provided are tailored to the individual patient, so that the patient can receive the best possible care. Let our team help you implement person-centered care today.

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Individualized Opposed Blanketed

Person-centered care emphasizes patient autonomy and encourages the patient to make informed decisions about their care. The patient is seen as an active partner in their healthcare, and their opinions and input are respected. This helps to ensure that the patient’s individualized care plan is based on their values and preferences. Person-centered care also emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration between healthcare providers, patients, and their families. This helps to ensure that all stakeholders are informed, involved, and actively engaged in the patient’s healthcare decisions. Respecting Choices® can help ensure your healthcare organization offers individualized person-centered care. Get in touch today.

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Mitigating Inequitable Healthcare Services

Inequitable healthcare services for patients in the healthcare system is a real issue, especially for those in underresourced communities or those with a lower income level. Patients often feel that they are not being given the best possible care and that their needs are not being taken into consideration. This type of treatment can lead to frustration, depression, and even a lack of trust in medical professionals. Person-centered care seeks to mitigate inequitable healthcare services by placing the patient at the center of the healthcare process.


Person-centered care is an important part of the healthcare industry and has been proven to be beneficial for both patients and healthcare providers. It is an approach that focuses on the individual and helps to create a strong bond between the patient and their healthcare provider. By taking the time to get to know each patient on a personal level, healthcare providers can create a care plan that is tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences. Person-centered care is a powerful tool that can help to improve the quality of care and the overall patient experience.

Respecting Choices® is passionate about helping healthcare organizations have the best possible person-centered care choices. From equipping your staff to speak to patients with our person-centered care education to offering consulting services to help you implement person-centered care, we’re here to help. Contact us to get started today!

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