Respecting Choices

“Even more than giving me new skills, this course changed my attitude; I think entirely differently about what patients need in helping them to make decisions.”

“I’m not a general fan of scripting. I’m used to tailoring things to fit my style. But this script is like using a personal trainer – they can get more out of you than if you do it alone; it really helps you get to the heart of the issue much more efficiently.”

“I have used the decision-making framework on more than end-of-life issues; it worked well for using a patient’s goals to drive a decision of whether to begin anti-coagulation in a high-risk patient.”

“Having these conversations is so rewarding; it is the antidote for burnout.”

“Wow, I wasn’t even aware of some of the biases I carry into conversations!”

“This completely changed my relationship with one of my patients whom I used to think of as ‘difficult’. After using what I learned, I realized we were not communicating – we had different agendas!”