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Respecting Choices®’s mission is to help guide organizations and communities around the world as they implement and sustain person-centered care. We work closely with each of our healthcare clients to develop a unique and customized strategy for their business. There are several ways that we work with you to do just that. Learn more below, and contact us today!

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Assess Your Business Model

Respecting Choices® is an organization that helps others provide person-centered care. It is based on the idea that each individual should have the right to make decisions about their own care, and that organizations should provide the necessary support for that to happen. By assessing an organization’s business model for person-centered care, Respecting Choices® can help that organization to ensure that its operations are built on a foundation that respects the autonomy and dignity of each individual. The assessment also helps organizations to identify where they are currently doing well and where they need to focus their efforts in order to make progress towards providing person-centered care. It is important to note that the assessment is not a static tool. It is designed to be used as a dynamic process that can be regularly revised and updated in order to ensure that the organization remains in line with the latest developments in person-centered care. Get started today.

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Hands-On Consultation

Respecting Choices® provides hands-on consultations to healthcare professionals, organizations, and individuals to help ensure that person-centered care is being practiced. Our team provides training to healthcare professionals to help them understand the importance of person-centered care and how to best implement it. We also provide guidance to healthcare organizations on how to best implement person-centered care in their organization that fits accordingly. Get started today.

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Long-Term Relationship

At Respecting Choices®, we strive to create long-term relationships with organizations for person-centered care. By creating these relationships, our team is able to ensure that each individual is given the respect and care they need, and that each organization is equipped to provide high-quality, compassionate care. Through our person-centered care programs, services, and education, Respecting Choices® is dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare and creating a more compassionate and respectful environment customized to your facility for those in need of care. Get in touch today.

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Freedom Within a Framework

Respecting Choices® works to promote freedom within a framework. This framework is established by having meaningful conversations with individuals about their healthcare preferences. It is important to understand an individual’s values and beliefs when making decisions about their care. Our organization offers workshops and training programs for healthcare professionals. These programs help healthcare professionals to understand the principles of person-centered care and how to have these conversations with their patients. Check out our advance care planning education courses today!



Ultimately, Respecting Choices® is an approach to care that emphasizes the importance of respecting an individual’s autonomy and self-determination. It works to ensure that individuals have the freedom to make decisions about their care while still having a framework in place to guide and support those decisions.

Our person-centered care education programs meet you and your organization right where you are at. With the wide variety of classes that we offer, you can find the perfect one to meet your needs, from an Instructor and Facilitator course to online curricula. With person-centered care, the most difficult part is beginning the conversation. Let us show you how to do so effectively and compassionately. Let our experienced team come alongside your healthcare organization to implement the best person-centered care program possible tailored to your needs. Contact us today!

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