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Respecting Choices® is an organization centered on promoting person-centered care in many ways. One way is through offering a wide array of curricula that can help organizations and communities adopt a person-centered healthcare culture. Learn more about these course offerings for your organization, and sign up today!


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Online Courses

We offer online courses that can help you have meaningful advance care planning (ACP) conversations with your patients. You will learn person-centered advance care planning (ACP) skills that you can take at your leisure. Our online curriculum meets continuing education requirements set forth for physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, and social workers. From advance care planning overview to improving communication skills to help people make future healthcare decisions, you’ll have all the tools you need. Check out our advance care planning education online today!


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National Certification Courses

Respecting Choices® is a globally recognized organization that offers skills-based competency through its national advance care planning certification courses. As you probably know, certification means that someone has achieved a high level of knowledge in a certain area, and we wanted to recognize those who have undertaken our advance care planning education as such. Our certifications demonstrate completion and competency in our courses and are not credentialed by a national accreditation body. Learn more today.


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Instructor and Facilitator Certifications

The roles of Instructors and Facilitators in advance care planning are becoming more important. ACP Instructors and Facilitators help patients make decisions for their person-centered care. These roles are critical to patients so that they are receiving the best possible healthcare. Respecting Choices® is proud to offer our ACP Facilitator and Instructor Certifications for you. You’ll learn not only how to help others make the right decisions for patients, but you’ll be able to instruct others to assume the role of Facilitator. Advance care planning Instructors are on the ground level, helping to educate patients and their families about person-centered care. There is so much involved when designing a person-centered care program, including considering the individual’s wants, needs, and preferences as well as the individual’s physical, cognitive, emotional, and social needs, the role of Instructor is crucial to training and mentoring your team. Learn more today.


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Faculty Certification

Respecting Choices® seeks to help everyone learn more about person-centered healthcare. Thus, when it comes to advance care planning, we wanted to help others become experts and assume a leadership role after the implementation stage of person-centered care. Our Faculty fellowship teaches others how to establish clinical and business cases for ACP programs, measure performance, coordinate the activities of person-centered decision making (PCDM) programs, and more. Get started with our person-centered care education today!


Respecting Choices® is a leader in helping organizations and communities around the world implement and grow person-centered care programs. We believe that when individuals have a large say in their care with a collaborative team, they have the best patient experience and results. Person-centered care programs have been found to have a number of benefits for those receiving care, including increased independence, improved quality of life, and better overall health outcomes. These programs also help to reduce the burden on family members and caregivers, as well as reduce the cost of care. With our advance care planning education, we believe that the healthcare system overall will blossom and see better results for patients everywhere.

If you are interested in any of our educational programs for healthcare organizations listed above or others we may offer, reach out to us today!