Respecting Choices


Why Person-Centered Care Is Important

24th of January 2023

Person-centered care is an approach to healthcare that focuses on the individual needs of a patient, instead of treating them as a single diagnosis or a set of symptoms. This […]

How Respecting Choices® Works With You

24th of January 2023

Respecting Choices®’s mission is to help guide organizations and communities around the world as they implement and sustain person-centered care. We work closely with each of our healthcare clients to […]

Education Courses That Can Contribute to Your Organization

24th of January 2023

Respecting Choices® is an organization centered on promoting person-centered care in many ways. One way is through offering a wide array of curricula that can help organizations and communities adopt […]

4 Reasons Working With Respecting Choices Is the Right Move

14th of October 2022

Making decisions about healthcare can be some of the most important choices we make in our lives. That’s why Respecting Choices offers programs and services to guide your organization with […]